Advanced Open Water
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Elective Dives

Dry Duit Dive
If you made your Open water course in the UK with us you are already familiar with Dry suit use. If not this will be your first elective dive so you can use the dry suit for all five dives.

Drift Dive
Ever wanted to know what it's like to fly? With drift diving it's like flying underwater!

Night Dive
This is so very different to diving during day light hours. It's the nearest thing you will ever get to floating in outer space, unless that is you are an astronaut.

Peak Performance Buoyancy
Learn better buoyancy techniques. This is a good one if you have not dived for awhile.

Underwater Naturalist Dive
This is a good one for making you more observant. Basically it's a fish-spotting dive.

Wreck Dive
This is a favourite in the UK and overseas. Learn techniques to safely explore these shipwrecks.

Multilevel Dive
We all want to spend longer underwater. Learning how to use the PADI wheel gives you much more flexibility. We look more into underwater computers on this one to.

Underwater Photography Dive
This is a lot of fun. You are let loose with an underwater camera!

More elective dives on offer at request.

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