Advanced Open Water

What is the Advanced Plus Course?

If you would like to make further elective dives if say you are making some local dives and would like to be introduced to more specialty areas of diving with your Instructor then this will suit you.

This course follow the same schedule to the Advanced Open Water. Then you have four more elective dives to complete, which you can complete at your own leisure.

There are two more parts to this course.

1. Medic First Aid requirement for Advanced Plus.
2. Advanced Plus diving theory requirement.

Medic first aid
Prior to receiving the PADI Advanced Plus rating you must have successfully complete a PADI Medic First Aid Course or equivalent within the past three years.

Advanced Plus Diving Theory Requirement
In this part you have two options to learn the academics required for certification.
1. Complete PADI's self-study Diving Knowledge Workbook, OR
2. Attend the following advanced Plus Knowledge Development sessions presented by an Instructor.

· Diving Physics
· Diving Physiology
· Scuba equipment
· Diving Skills and Environment
· Recreational Dive Planner

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