Open Water Diver

PADI Open Water Diver

This is the first complete PADI SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving course that takes you from total beginner to becoming a certified diver. This certification allows you to go diving with somebody with at least your level of training or higher in conditions similar or better than that in which you were trained.

You are restricted to going no deeper than 18 meter's, 60 feet. This is the course that can and does change lives. Opening a whole New World to explore. You meet new friends to share these new and exciting experiences with. Where would you like to dive? Australia, The Red Sea, The Maldives, Bahamas. Not forgetting the adventurous UK waters full of marine life and historical wrecks. Diving really adds a third dimension to your life!

Open up a whole new world

What Is the PADI Open Water Certification?
After you successfully complete all portions of the PADI Open Water Diver course you are awarded a certification card. This credit card style certification has your photo printed on it and confirms your level of training. The certification never expires but if you have not been diving for sometime it is recommended you participate in the PADI Scuba review program to refresh your knowledge and diving skills.

The PADI qualification is recognised worldwide. PADI stands for- Professional Association of Diving Instructors. It is by far the most popular diver training agency in the World. Once you have the Open Water certification you can enrol in many continuing education courses. Such as the PADI Advanced Open water Diver plus lots of speciality courses.

Is there a swim test? How old must I be?
You do not need to be an Olympic swimmer to complete the course. The most important thing is you are relaxed and comfortable in the water. Yes there is a swim test. By the end of the course you must complete either a 200-meter swim or 300 meter snorkel. This swim has no time limit and you may swim in any stroke you like. There is also a survival float test. You must float for 10 minutes. You must be 10 years old or higher. You need to have reasonably good health. If you have any Health concerns please speak to us. For those under 15 you will be awarded the Junior Open Water Diver rating. This is exactly the same course but an adult must accompany the junior diver until reaching 15 years old. The certification can then be upgraded.

We require you to have a Medical from a GP which we can arrange before we can take you into the Open Water environment to make sure that you are fit and healthy for diving.

The Open Water Diver Course

NOTE: The aquaturtle open water diver course is limited to a maximum of four persons and run for a minimum of one.

The course is divided into three segments:
1. Knowledge Development
2. Confined Water Training
3. Open Water Dives

The Course Schedule and Orientation

The Course Fees

To Book the PADI Open Water Course
Complete a Booking form and return it to us with £100 deposit. This will confirm your place and your course material's will be sent out to you. We will also send you a Medical statement, a Standard and Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and an Express Assumption of Risk form, which you should read thoroughly and complete prior to your course. Balance of payment is due at the course start date.

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